Effective Strategies For Creating A Research Paper On Lowering The Drinking Age

In many countries, the drinking age is established by the law and it is strictly followed in every place. This means that underage citizens can not even get a beer, no matter how mature they might be. Although this is supposed to protect the teenagers and the children, in some situations the law is too strict and adults have the right to do many things, but not buy alcohol. Do you want to write a research paper that will change this? Then here are some ideas that you have to consider:

  • Don’t be too drastic. You want to write a balanced composition, not one that will make your professor and colleagues laugh. This means that you need to consider every aspect of the society, including the fact that some teenager might drink no no matter what. In this case, why not make everything safe for the teenagers and for the parents?
  • Bring some statistics. If you want to convince anyone that the drinking age should be lowered, you have to bring some statistics to support your opinion. It’s always good to take your data from official sources, like governmental websites and even newspapers. Prove that the young people are drinking anyway, and that many accidents happen specifically because they can’t drink in legal way.
  • What about other countries? For sure you know that in some parts of the world the legal drinking age is somewhere around 16. Of course, this does not mean that the rate of alcoholism is bigger in this countries; actually, most of the time it is lower. This is because teenagers don’t feel so excited about drinking since they can do it in legal way whenever they want.
  • The effects of alcohol need to be considered. You can’t write about this without mentioning how damaging alcohol is for health, no matter who drinks it. Sometimes it can be even more dangerous is teenagers drink it, simply because it will stop the growth and it will slow down the body’s natural rhythm.
  • Ask for other people’s opinion. Before you write your composition, discuss with your friends and professor and see what they think about this. Are they against lowering the drinking age, or they think that only adults should be allowed to drink alcohol whenever they want?