The Complete Guide To Writing A Quantitative Research Paper

A quantitative research paper is the type of assignment in which you use quantitative methods to write your assignment. This is a critical academic paper and quite important one because it decides your grade and academic performance. The assignment consists of five basic elements, which are as follows

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. Methods
  4. Analysis
  5. Discussion and conclusion


The introduction is the first thing the reader will see in your paper. You have to make sure that you succeed in engaging your readers here and telling them why it is important to read your paper. They should be convinced that your paper is important and unique. This should be enough for your readers to continue reading the rest of your assignment. Try to give a clue what the rest of your paper is all about and why they should read it. According to a research, if a reader spends the first few minutes reading your paper then he will continue with the rest of your paper as well

Literature review

Literature review is the section in your paper where you present an analysis of the already published materials in the subject. You have to show what other authors have already discussed about the subject and why it needs further attention. You should identify the gap in the work and show how you will address this gap through your search and work. Literature review is an objective and honest analysis of whatever has already been said about the subject formally


This section is dedicated to explaining the methods you use to write your paper. The method section is of three parts. In the first section, you describe the data set you have used in the paper. This leads to further describing the variables in your paper. You have to specify your direct variable and show how this affects other parts of your search and experimentation. The last section in the method is to tell what you are going to analyze in the paper


The analysis presents a comprehensive yet precise explanation for your work. You have to restate your hypothesis at the start of the analysis to remind your readers and emphasize your focus of the paper. After that, you show how your data and experiments support your hypothesis


The conclusion is the last section in a quantitative research paper and works on the same principle as any other conclusion