What Is The Right Format For A Geography Research Paper?

A research paper in geography is your chance to learn something new, practice your writing skills, and demonstrate your progress in the course. You are able to write your work on a variety of interesting geographical topics, and you are lucky as you can choose a topic on your own. However, no such luck if you are required to pick the format for the project yourself. It would be much easier if you were told what citation style to follow. Picking the right format for your geography paper is a challenging but manageable task. If you refer to reputable scholarly journals in geography, you’ll make a right choice.

All of the articles in the Annals of the Association of American Geographers and Professional Geographer are formatted in compliance with the rules outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). This style is preferred by professional geographers, and it is usually recommended to follow in the students’ research papers in geography. Pay attention to the following points when formatting your geography project:

  • General CMS guidelines
    • Set margins that aren’t less than 1” and greater than 1.5”.
    • Give preference to 12pt. font size.
    • Double space your text.
    • Single space notes and bibliography.
    • Start putting the page numbers in the header of the first page.
    • Use subheadings if your paper is long.
  • General structure of the research paper
  • According to CMS requirements, your geography project should consist of the following components: title page, main body, footnotes, and references.

  • Headings
  • CMS applies an optional five-level heading system.

  • Tables and figures
  • If you use any tables or figures in your paper, place them in the paragraph in which they are mentioned. No separate pages are needed for this purpose.

For more specific requirements as to the style, format, citation nuances, and word usage in your geography paper, look for the general guidelines on the Web, refer to The Chicago Manual of Style itself, or find the corresponding samples of academic papers and use them as templates.

The Chicago style will help you present your geographical topic in the most effective way. However, it is not the only possible format for your research paper. You are recommended, but not obliged to use it. It is possible to pick any other formatting style as long as it suits your needs. For example, the APA format can be a good choice as well. Globally, it doesn’t matter what format you choose. It only matters how consistent you are in its use.