Formatting Basics: Do You Underline The Title Of A Research Paper In The MLA Style?

Writing and formatting your academic papers are two different things. When you have to write ordinary academic papers in earlier grades, you may not have to use any formatting. This is simpler because you do not include any sources or citations. However, when you write advanced level papers like research, term, or dissertations, you have to make sure that you format them in a proper style as guided by your instructor. Most of the times, the instructors will specify what format to follow for your research paper. If your teacher did not specify any format, then you should pick one that is suitable for your subject. Generally, for papers in math and statistics you will use the MLA style. MLA stands for modern languages association. If you are supposed to write an effective assignment following MLA style then you should follow the instructions from their official website or a guidebook

Title-Underline or not?

To answer your question, whether you should underline the title of your paper in an MLA research paper or not, here is what you need to know

Generally, you never underline or bold the title of your paper in MLA because it is not published work. You are writing this paper for the first time and it is not published yet so you do not underline or bold it. However, if the title of your paper contains a title of the book or a movie, then you should underline that part.

General instructions for writing a paper in MLA format

If you need further assistance with writing the rest of your assignment, here is what you need to know. These are the general rules to follow for your work in MLA

  1. 1.Print your paper on standard size white paper
  2. 2.Entire text in your paper needs to have double spacing
  3. 3.Use a readable format for your assignment like times new roman or Arial. A good rule of thumb would be to see if the italics and regular of this font are clearly distinct.
  4. 4.Use font size of 12 points for your entire assignment. Your text should be legible
  5. 5.Set margins on all sides of your paper
  6. 6.Include the end notes on a different page at the end of your paper before the citations
  7. 7.Cite your sources for data collection