The Top 25 Hottest Research Paper Topics To Write About

For every assigned research paper, it is important that students choose topics that are in line with the requirement for such assigned paper. Apart from this, the topics to be chosen should also be such that the readers would all find interesting, include the supervisor of course. With the emergence of the internet, the search for information as it relates to writing of academic papers is no longer a tough task as compared to decades past. Most importantly, make sure that the background and history of your chosen topic is incorporated into the academic paper.

For those students who are tied down as to deciding on a topic for their research papers, here are topics that would make great papers in various fields. They are:

  • The current falling oil prices – The impact on the global economy
  • The assassination of Abraham Lincoln – What mystery is behind this act?
  • The risks of global warming – Increasing or Decreasing?
  • The effects of tobacco use on the human body
  • The severe impact of digital downloading on the music industry
  • Osama Bin Laden – The circumstances building up to his death
  • The internet search engines – Analyzing how they work
  • The world’s most lethal disease – What disease would make the top list?
  • The origin of the Darfur conflicts – Truth be told
  • A look at the issue of computer viruses and how they are spread
  • Lie detector tests – How accurate are the results?
  • HIV and AIDS – The story so far
  • Endangered wildlife – Is enough being done to protect the animals?
  • Buddhist Monks – A closer look at their daily lives
  • The war against drugs – Is the world paying a high price?
  • Ninjas – The mystery behind them
  • The curse of the pharaohs – What you should know about it
  • The women’s suffrage movement – In what ways did it impact the US?
  • Teen and modern literacy – The negative impacts of text messaging
  • Energy conservation – Improving technology to the benefit of homeowners
  • The execution of Socrates – What history says
  • Global navigation – How did the ancient sailors cope?
  • Aggressive rioters – What nonlethal weapons should the police use in the face of extreme danger?
  • The damages of oil spills – Helpful preventive measures
  • The Magna Carta – Were there any changes it brought to England?

Now you have a handful of topics to choose from for your research paper. Go ahead and pick a topic and let the fun begin.