General Rules Of Writing A References Page For A Research Paper

A reference page is an important part of your project. It provides your readers with the information on the sources that you have used in your research. Though it seems that there is nothing complicated in the process of writing, it sometimes can be so tough that students cannot handle it without professional help. If you need assistance with such a task, click here and see how specialists can help you. If you seek some extra information, keep on reading the following text.

Why Is It So Important

Before you start, you need to fully realize what for you do all this. The reference page shows ow much information you have used to choose proper research methods, come to some specific conclusions, and so on. Besides that, it shows that your project contains no plagiarism. When you render information about the sources that you have used, you show that you haven’t secretly copied down anything, pretending that it’s your own thought. This is why the reference page should be completed with extra accuracy.

How to Handle It

  1. In the process of writing, take notes.
  2. When you collect the information for your research project, compose a reference draft at once. Take notes on each of the sources that you have already used in your work. Keep all the collected reference information in the same place.

  3. Mention only the sources that you have used.
  4. You don’t need to mention the sources that you have used to check yourself or so, for example, dictionaries or encyclopedias. You need to mention only those sources that have really been used or cited in your research paper.

  5. Format the page properly.
  6. Such pages as the references, bibliography, and so on need additional attention from the point of view of the formatting. At the beginning, you have probably been told which academic writing style you should use to format the paper: APA, MLA, Chicago style, and so on. When finishing the project and completing such pages, you need to be very accurate and attentive to the demands of the writing style.

  7. Use formatting manuals.
  8. As soon as formatting requirements are quite numerous and it’s difficult to keep all of them in mind, you definitely need support that specialized manuals can provide. With their help, you will be able to do the formatting in accordance with the most recent and important changes to the academic writing style that you use in your research paper.