Top Places To Look For A Quality Research Paper Example With References

Writing a dissertation or a research paper requires the proponent to read a lot about the topic he is going to expound or elaborate. He is also bound to scan previously written works to reinforce learning and be guided with all the technical aspect about the correct format and presentation. The following are the possible sources of information you could use to help you out carry the task:

  • The school or university library
  • Students who have successfully graduated from their master or doctoral degrees usually provide their alma mater a copy of their dissertation. It can be used for further studies.

  • Government or public libraries
  • If your study focuses on health, environment or a specific institution in your locality, this could be the best place to scan and read articles about your paper.

  • Local and national archives
  • The documents or papers in this institutions may look old and forgotten, but it could help you a lot especially when you write about doctrines or principles in the past. Some information could be obsolete, but you can use them as a reference to a new law or policy being currently enforced or implemented.

  • Private libraries or personal collections
  • Some people consider their work very important, and there is a sentimental value of every book they have made. These people truly want to keep memories of their academic triumph in life. The knowledge they have acquired could be shared to those who are willing to ask for it.

  • Online sources
  • With the power of the internet, a student could just use a search engine and type the specific keywords of a research paper. In a matter of seconds, results are displayed and ready to be scanned or read. Some can be copied, pasted or downloaded as long as you follow correct citation or referencing.

  • Journals and reports
  • You may not be able to get the full text of a particular study, but at least, you have something to consider as a relevant tool or material in the realization of your work.

  • Essay writing service centers
  • Many students and professionals who don’t have enough time to work on their academic paper usually pay writers to do the job for them. Different topics are usually ordered and delivered at a specific time. If these services are within your area, you could just visit their offices and request upon payment the kind of paper that you are looking for.

    There is no monopoly of knowledge because research is meant to be shared to those who need it. It just takes a lot of patience or persistence for you to have them at your disposal.