List Of Good Authors To Do Your Literature Research Paper On

Writing research paper assignments is challenging because students do not have an experience with these papers. They prefer to have someone else write or complete their paper or at least guide them in the process. When you sit down to write a research paper about an author, you would have so many choices. You may not be able to decide which one to move forward with because each of them seems equally important and interesting. You can pick an era or a genre first and then narrow down the list of authors based on that. Try to pick a few filters so that you can easily narrow down your work

You can even write about your favorite author because you will already have some insight to his work and life and you can get more information from reliable sources. When you are writing about someone you like, it is comparatively easy to find your data and compose a winning paper

If you are not sure, whom you should choose to write a paper about literature, then you can consider the following authors

Authors to consider writing a literature paper about

  1. Agatha Christie- The life of the author as a teenager and her initial publications
  2. What do you know about the author of the book Brave New Word, Aldous Huxley?
  3. What is the common feature in the short stories of Alice Munro?
  4. Compare the work of Alice Walker with modernist writers
  5. Who are the famous African American writers of the decade?
  6. The Russian expert of short stories and plays had much to his personal life and career Anton Chekhov
  7. Arthur Miller and the recognition he received
  8. The Cosmos series by Carl Sagan in 1980, what do you know about the astronomer and writer
  9. Great Expectations is a legendary piece of work in English literature by Charles Dickens
  10. What do we learn from the work of Maya Angelou about freedom, love, peace, and equality
  11. The role of Anne Moody in the Civil rights movement in the South
  12. What is the significance of the work I know why the caged bird sings in literature today
  13. Anne Bradstreet and her work as compared to others in her time
  14. Charles Dickens- a life story
  15. Tragedy in the work of Shakespeare