Vital Advice On Writing An Academic Research Paper In Psychology

Writing an academic research paper in psychology is easy, if you know how to attract the readers. We know that those who will be interested in the topic will without a doubt read it.

But, what happens to those who are not that interested or might want to read it? You need to show that your paper consists of a great research and very interesting and vital information.

Look for Reliable Sources

Firstly, the information you find about the paper should be without a doubt true. You cannot say that something might be true. Look for reliable sources and check again if they are good. You can go to the local library or the library in your university or college and look for information, studies, experiments etc.

There are also lots of sources online. However, you should pay attention and find only reliable ones. Some websites offer expert guidance. There are people who have PhD or Master’s and can help you with the paper regarding some important information, or just check and give you advice on the structure of the paper.

The Structure of the Paper

Psychology research papers require logical and free flow of ideas through the paragraphs. That is crucially important for the introduction and conclusion.

  • Make the outline. After you have gathered all the information you need you must make an outline. Without it the whole paper will look messy and won’t make sense. Think about the order of the arguments, facts etc and align them as you think they will make the most sense. Jot down all remarks and then redo the outline until you think it is perfect.
  • The structure should be obvious. It is important to engage the reader, so at the beginning of each paragraph, you have to explain what you are going to talk about. The introductory sentence of each paragraph shouldn’t be too long, but should carry the idea of the paragraph in it.
  • The paragraphs should make sense. There should be three parts:
  1. Introduction
  2. Main body
  3. Conclusion

Each paragraph should carry only one idea and give evidence for or against it. The paragraph should start with the introductory sentence, then give comments and then sum up the details in the last sentence. Don’t make the paragraphs too long and use words that connect one paragraph with the next one. It will keep the flow going and the reader interested.