3 Places To Look For An Example Of An MLA Research Paper With Citations

If you have been assigned to write a research paper with citations in the MLA format, you can facilitate the process of formatting the text and citations by using appropriate examples. Consider these three options when searching for samples:

  1. 1.Libraries and book stores
  2. You have a variety of options to choose from. You can use MLA guide books that contain properly formatted samples as well as the actual MLA requirements. There may be different types of research papers in such guides, so you should choose the one you need. In addition, you can go to your school’s library. There you can use various search services to get the samples or information you need. The librarians may know better than you what you should choose, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. If this option is not available or wasn’t helpful, you can also look for the necessary information in bookstores. Despite the popularity of the Internet, bookstores are still a good source of quality information.

  3. 2.Your school
  4. Check and see if there are any options to find MLA research paper samples at your school. For instance, you can ask your teachers for assistance. They may either have some samples to help students follow the instructions, or there may be some works left from previous students. Moreover, teachers may actually give you some advice concerning the topic or formatting. Another option that may be available at your school is a writing center. Writing centers usually have some samples or previous works to help students with research papers.

  5. 3.Websites
  6. Using the Internet, you can find the examples in the following way:

    • Download free samples
    • You can find a lot of websites that offer free MLA samples. These samples may be either previously written works, or sample works created for educational purposes. You can also find some information about the requirements or the grading scale that may also be helpful in your work.

    • Turn to writing services
    • If you are looking for some professional help, you may buy a sample from various writing services. Remember that some reliable services can offer quality examples, while others are not trustworthy at all. In addition, you can get free samples from some of the companies. Given that their ultimate goal is to make you use their services, they may send you very good works.

Use these suggestions, and finding the sample you need won’t present any difficulties for you.