Effective Hints On How To Be Critical In A Research Paper

You have just been assigned to critically analyze a given article or any other work and you are looking for effective hints to help you pull it off. In order to make the most impact, you should be very critical in your research analysis. This article is written to help you out and by the time you get to the end of the post, you must have gotten a good knowledge of how to write this type of paper. You should understand that there are several elements involved when it comes to critically analyzing any book, article, painting or film. Taking these elements into consideration is what determines the success of your paper.

One of the most important and effective hints that would help you to be critical in your research paper is the identification of appeals used in such article or book. There are three major types of appeal and they are as follows:

  • Pathos: This is when an author tries to appeal to his or her target readers’ emotions. It is mostly used in articles and books that are aimed towards entertaining the target readers.
  • Ethos: This is an appeal towards an author’s credibility, based mostly on his or her academic, professional, or personal merits.
  • Logos: This particular appeal is based on logic or reason. By providing facts, the author hopes to finally sway the readers towards his or her own perspectives or opionions.

Your critical analysis should examine how effectively the author of the book or article being reviewed conveyed his or her meaning to the target readers. Using yourself as a case study, some of the questions you will answer in your research paper include the following:

  • Did you have any response to the author’s appeal?
  • Were you happy by the appeal?
  • Did the appeal upset you?
  • Was the author able to make you have a change of mind through the use of logic and reason?
  • Is the author credible?
  • If the author is credible, why do you think so?
  • If the author is not credible, what do you think is the reason for that?
  • Was the material well-presented and in an accurate manner?

Apart from these effective hints that would make you be critical in your research paper, it is also advised that you channel your attention on analyzing the noteworthy parts of the article or book. If you would rather analyze the author’s ability at successfully convincing his or her target readers, then that would make an interesting read too.