The Main Research Paper Writing Methods: An Easy Guide

Crafting a top quality research paper is an essential requirement to every college student. However, most of them do not understand the proper methods to employ in the course of their and ultimately end up with irrelevant information. Becoming intimate with different writing methods is a prior requisite. Do not worry if you are a starter. These styles are a must-know to writers who want to be unique in their work. Below is an easy guide for you.

APA method

American Psychological Association (APA) is one of the most commonly used method of writing. It has a specific set of rules which the author must cohere to. It majors in consistent use of such constituents as punctuation, headings, tone, numbers and presentation of statistical data. The author must write his or her name, date of publication, page number and a running head on the title page. This is key when composing psychology, education papers and other social sciences.

MLA style

This refers to the Modern Language Association. It is mainly employed in humanities especially when crafting on literature and language. This method provides authors with a scheme for citing their sources in the texts. The paper should be typed and printed on a standard paper. Words should be double spaced in the text and written in an acquit font such as New Times Roman. However, a single space is left between words after periods and other punctuation marks. Margins on all sides should be adjusted to one inch and commencement of paragraphs indented to half inch from left margin.


Most history papers and other humanity disciplines employ this style of writing. It is also known as Turabian style. Superscript numbers are inserted into sentences and the end of a sentence or a summary to indicate notes. In this style, the foremost note for a source gives the entire documentation data such that the one that comes after paraphrases its reference. Notes should be crafted at the bottom of each page separated from the main text by a bold line.


This style is most commonly employed when crafting papers in health related platforms such as biology, medicine and public health. Similar to the other writing styles, this has its specific features that label it unparalleled. For instance, the text should be double spaced and left ordinated. The recommended font is 12 points and one inch set to all margins.