Basic Rules Of Composing A Research Paper In Business

Writing a research paper is not as easy as it seems. However, you will need to understand how to approach writing the paper. Here are a few tips on how to do the paper.

Choose a topic

At times, you will be lucky as your teacher will choose a topic for you. However, there are many times when teachers prefer students to choose their own topics. For such topics, students will need to brainstorm on the different topic ideas. It is important to ensure that you choose a broad topic for your research paper so that it can fill the necessary length. However, it should also be narrow so that it will be possible for the student to complete their argument in a few pages.

Consider your audience

You should write every paper to a particular audience. In most cases, you will be writing the paper for your instructor. However, when doing a serious paper, you may be writing for some academicians or even for an academic conference. You will choose your style as well as the choice of word depending on the paper’s audience.

Researching for the paper

Before starting your argument, you will need to seek for evidence to help you support your ideas. When researching, you may opt to either change your argument or even fine-tune the thesis. In order to have a good paper, be sure to read through scholarly articles as well as other high-quality sources. Remember that the source is one of the considerations that your teacher will look at and therefore you cannot randomly select the website.


Initially it looks involving but an outline will in the long run help you to complete your research paper faster. The goal of the outline is to serve as a guide or map for the essay. Use the outline to put the paper in order. Write various quotes in the outline as well as the research that support every point. Once you have an outline, it will make the work of writing the research paper easier.

Creating a draft for the paper

The first draft shouldn’t be the paper’s final version. You should ensure that you are ready to create different drafts of your essay. Ensure that in every draft, you edit the grammatical errors, logical flows and ideas. After editing your first draft, you should print out another draft before you can edit again.