The Essential Parts Of A Business Research Paper

Writing a research paper is an important academic assignment that students have to complete during their student life. This is more than ordinary academic papers that you write because it requires critical thinking, planning, organization, and good writing skills. Students who have all these may even face troubles in writing if they do not have an interest in the subject. Business is an interesting subject but it can get challenging when you promote to higher grades. You not only have to write well but also come up with innovative ideas. This is challenging because the subject is wide reached and students find it hard to look for a potential niche. If you are having trouble in writing your papers in business, then you should consider getting some help. I’ve found this site where you can get all sorts of guidelines and samples for writing effective papers

Here are the essential parts to include in your paper in order to score well. The order of the sections may vary a little depending upon the format you are following for your paper

  • The literature review
  • Literature review is a section where you discuss and analyze the already published materials about the subject. You have to see how other authors approach the subject and what they have to say about this. You need to objectively compare the strengths and weaknesses in the assignment and find a potential niche that you will address in your paper. You should give reasons to why this niche is important and how you will solve it through your research

  • The abstract
  • The abstract is an extract of your work and is different from the introduction because it shows the conclusion of your work as well. It is a mini version of your entire paper and shows the reader what they will find in the rest of the paper in one paragraph

  • The introduction
  • The introduction is the first official start of your paper and presents your topic to the audience. It has to be engaging so that the readers can decide whether your assignment is worth reading or not

  • The methods
  • Methods include the experiments and other techniques that you have used to collect and organize your data in the paper

  • The results
  • This is a brief description of the results you reach

  • Discussion
  • This is an interpretation of the result section

  • Conclusion

  • References