What It Takes To Compose A Research Paper On Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy is located in the core of an atom and is usually used in producing electricity. This is a topic that has gathered lots of momentum in last few decades. When you have been asked by your instructor to write a brilliant topic on Nuclear Energy, you must go through following steps-

  • Select the topic: Your topic should be the one written with high perfection where you reveal your knowledge, attitude and belief in best possible way. It should be interesting for the audience to read and challenging for you to write. Your attitude reveals your efforts and enthusiasm. The topic that you choose should be manageable. Avid too much tricky, technical and specialized topics until and unless you are confident about yourself. Also, avoid topics that are too narrow in their approach.
  • Collect information: Web is an implausible source of information. Check out the authenticated URLS with .edu, .net or .org links. You can also collect general information using almanacs and encyclopedias. Search engine and other related tools can also be used. Use articles written by scholarly students. Refer online or offline books suggested by your professors. Check Government publications, online reference materials, executive or international libraries, periodicals, newspapers, special software etc.
  • Write the topic: Declare your belief as the main portion of the essay will revolve around this.
  • Prepare a tentative outline: It will assist you to organize your thoughts logically. Ensure that all the significant points are covered. Divide it into introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Introduction: Write your purpose of research. Plan to approach the topic. Discuss all the chief points briefly. Keep it interesting. If you are going to write on the topic-“Dangers of Nuclear Energy”, talk about all types of hazards cased to the environment and then relate it with human health. Create a background.
  • Body: Present your arguments supporting with evidences. Talk about all the hazards caused in terms of usage of cell phones, ultra violet radiations, gamma rays, radio waves, etc and their after effects.
  • Conclusion: Reword the entire composition summarizing your arguments.
  • Organization: After you have prepared a rough draft, organize your notes critically evaluating the researched data.
  • Write draft: First, arrange all the file names giving them heading with Roman Numerals. Secondly, give them outline codes based on alphabetical order. Use symbol # in case you want to check your information later on.
  • Revise the outline: Double check for all facts and figures.
  • Go through the checklists: Check all the information in terms of clarity, meaningfulness of content, strong supporting arguments, sources, logical sequence, grammatical errors, usage of topic sentence, accuracy, spellings, format, usage of contractions, unfinished sentences repetition of words etc.