Useful Suggestions For Creating A Research Paper Methodology Section

The methodology section is one of most important parts a research paper as it gives the information on how you carried out your project. You have to describe every part of it, starting with the choice of the topic and finishing with the methods you used in order to get the results, as well as the ways you used to analyze them. Scientific writing is required for this part.

Research Paper Methodology Section Contents

Make sure to include this information in the section:

  • Clarification of the materials you used in the work.
  • An explanation on where the materials were taken and how they were prepared.
  • A description of the research protocol.
  • An explanation on what measurements were made and how they were made.
  • An explanation on the performed calculations.
  • Information about the statistical tests that were done to analyze the given data and the results.

Make sure to create a brief draft first. It will help you to build your methodology section logically and clearly, as these are two most important points. Remember to put all the information about preparations, measurements and the protocol in chronological order. If you have to deal with a large amount of data, put it in subsections for the convenience of those who will read your paper.

Tips on Writing the Section

  1. Make sure to write the section in the past tense.
  2. For your convenience, create a guideline first. If you have any difficulties, you can show the plan to your supervisor for assistance.
  3. Put the pieces of information from most to least important, as you describe your research.
  4. Put enough data, so that other people could repeat your experiment successfully.
  5. Do not put any redundant information that may distract from the main topic. Be laconic yet informative.
  6. Proofread the section, as well as the whole paper, several times. You may not find many mistakes from the first proofread, but some typos, grammar or spelling mistakes or even description mistakes may still be there. Do not rely on computer spell checkers, the machine may not see what you can see.

Using all the tips written above, the methods you used in your work will be described logically, thus they will not raise any questions or doubts. The experiment is considered to be the most practical when other people can replicate it, and this process fully depends on the methods section of your paper.