Creating A High School Research Paper: A Great Manual

Do you need to write a high school research paper? Perhaps you’re not sure what to write about or where to begin. If so, here’s what you need to know:

Choose a topic you can research well.

As you might expect, a research paper is highly dependent on research! You will need to select a topic that you know you can collect plenty of information about and which you can perform your own research studies on.

Create a timetable.

Your subject selection and own research will form a large part of your preparation process, and you can’t afford to not be prepared! Before you begin writing your paper, make a timetable that you know you can stick to. Schedule for the initial research period, as well as giving yourself enough time to do each part of the essay.

Always check before you start.

The format of a research paper is the same as most; but it’s crucial that you know of the exact requirements for your particular set paper, so if you’re uncertain about anything, make sure you check with your tutor before proceeding.

The introduction.

The introduction is actually best written last. This way, you will already have your paper written and will know what to include. The introduction should introduce the broad subject, before narrowing it down to the particular topic you are discussing. State what you hope to achieve from the paper, what research you have done, what the reader can expect to find in the essay, and what conclusions you may reach.

The chapters.

The text body is the main bulk of your essay and can be divided into chapters. Before you begin writing, set out what information is to be included. Make lists and notes and organize these into chapters. Write a rough draft of your chapters first.

The conclusion.

After the introduction and text body comes the conclusion. Here you will restate your intentions and re-summarize your findings. Come to an overall conclusion and, if necessary, point your reader in the direction of any further research that may be required.

Be sure to edit!

When you have written the first draft, you should read and edit again and again until you are completely happy with it. The more time you spend working on it and casting a critical eye towards your paper, the more you will get it right!

Finding more help.

It’s also worth checking out further advice for writing a research paper on the internet. This site is a great place to start off with.