How To Cite Sources In A Research Paper: A Simple Guide

The bibliography is the last vital information about how a research paper was made possible. The following tips will teach you how to cite your references:

  • For a book with one author. Begin with the author’s surname and first name separated by a comma. A period is placed after the first name, and the italicized title follows it. A period is placed after it, and the place of publication and name of the publisher is mentioned separated by a colon. The last item is the year of publication.
  • For a book with two authors. The procedure in the first item is assumed except that the names of the authors are separated by the conjunction “and”. The middle names are shown in initial capital letters with a period. All the other remaining items follow the procedure in Step 1 except that the place of publication up to the year of publication is not enclosed in an open and close parenthesis not unlike on a footnote.
  • For a book with multiple authors. For a footnote, a single author is cited followed by the Latin abbreviation (means “and others”). The abbreviation is followed by a period and a comma respectively. The place and year of publication is enclosed in an open and close parenthesis. The last item is the page or no. of pages in the numerical form.
  • For a book with no author. It begins with an italicized title followed by the place of publication and the name of the publisher. It ends with the year of publication.
  • For an editor or compiler. The only distinction is the abbreviation ed. After the author’s name.
  • For an editor or translator with an author. The last name of the author comes first and the phrase ”edited by” is indicated followed by the names of the editors or translators.
  • For an organization, association or corporation as an author. The name of the organization is spelled out followed by the title and the volume number of the book. The places are enumerated in multiple national surveys together with the address of the organization and the year when it was founded.
  • For an article in a journal. The author’s name format stays the same, but the title is placed with open and close quotations. The subtitle is italicized, and the article number is indicated. The year of publication is enclosed in parenthesis.

There are still a lot of citation instructions in a bibliography. Only the fundamental or basic was given.