Writing A Research Paper: 5 Tips For Composing A Good Introduction

Students find writing a research paper a very challenging task, and within that challenging task, writing a good introduction is considered to be an even more difficult job because this is the part of the paper that decides whether the reader will remain interested in the paper or not. If the introduction is written in an effective manner, the reader is most likely to pay attention to the rest of the paper. However if the introduction is weak, the likelihood of the reader being interested in the paper declines. Therefore, it is very important for the student to compose the introduction in the most effective manner. Following are five tips for composing a great first chapter to a research paper.

Perform Preliminary Research

It is highly important to know the topic on which you are about to write your paper. For this, you must perform sufficient amount of research before you start writing the introduction. If you are not aware of the topic on which you will write, you will not be able to develop an effective introduction.

Start by Building the Context for the Topic

When you start writing, you should start by building a general context around your topic by describing the overarching theme surrounding the topic. Thus, instead of describing the topic directly, you should describe it after providing some background to the reader. You should also explain why the topic is important and why you chose this particular topic.

Describe the Research Problem

You should also sufficiently explain the research problem around which the paper will be focused. This adds a specific focus in the context surrounding the research topic. You should ensure that the problem is described comprehensive and in such a manner that it justifies the research. If the problem is described ineffectively, it may give an impression that the research is not actually required.

Clearly Explain Research Aims and Objectives

You should be clear in explaining your aims and objectives for the research. The aims may be wide in scope however the objectives need to be specific, achievable and time-bound. You should ensure that the objectives are not unrealistic and they are achievable through primary or secondary research.

Describe the Proposed Structure of the Paper

You should also include the proposed structure of the paper as a whole in your first chapter to communicate to the reader how the paper will be presented and how the information will be communicated. By applying these five tips, you can compose a great first chapter.